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A frightening development is sweeping the nation. Affecting the lives of millions of people, this travesty is eating away at the heart of our society. Rampaging through every community in our great country, this horrible epidemic must be stopped. Ladies, please, we are begging you. Just say no to big white panties. 

In this hilarious collection of essays about relationships,
Dale Alderman explores the different viewpoints men and women have about each other. Although he has been with his wife, Starla, for over twenty years, Dale freely admits that he knows absolutely nothing about women and he has the stories to prove it.

Ladies, if you have ever wondered what your man is really thinking, Dale will tell you. Guys, if your lady has ever left you confused and frustrated, you are not alone. Dale has been there, too.
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Take a wild ride through fatherhood with Dale Alderman and his two young sons, Chase and Logan. You’ll laugh out loud as this goofball dad and his kinetic kids turn normal daily activities into hilarious escapades.

Based on actual events that occurred over his first twelve years as a father, Dale presents a collection of funny stories including: Breast Pads and Nipple Cream, Honey, I Shrunk My Underpants, Don’t Hit Your Brother With a Stick, I’ll Have the Prime Rib With a Side Order of Valium, The Hooter Fairy, and The Farmer Cuts the Cheese.

Before he became a father, no one told Dale the stuff he really needed to know, like how to deal with a rampaging three-year-old at the circus, or how to corral two boys before they demolish a restaurant. From a Little League baseball game to a grade school field trip, he finds a wealth of humor in his real-world experiences.
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What would happen if a dog became a superhero?

In this exciting middle grade adventure by Dale Alderman, Joe is a run-of-the-puppy-mill cocker spaniel who dreams of being special, but suffers with the curse of being “average.” He lives in the suburbs of Barksdale with his friends Elwood, a dopey mutt who looks like a genetic mishap, and Frank, a plump wiener dog.

When the dogs devour heaping mounds of dog food that is laced with plutonium, their DNA evolves. Joe transforms into MegaDog, a superhero with a passion for funky music. Elwood mutates into Baywolf, a sleek, black wolf with a hip-hop attitude, and Frank becomes a gadget guru.

In a palatial penthouse in the Crump Tower, Mr. Wrinkles, a power-hungry shar-pei, and his assistant, Pavlov, a mastiff with a drooling problem, create dog collars that contain mind-control devices. Inciting a canine revolution, Mr. Wrinkles wreaks havoc across the country. MegaDog and Baywolf must stop Mr. Wrinkles before he seizes control of the U.S. Government and the rest of the world. Read more ...

In the secluded mountains of Jacksonville County, Virginia, a covered bridge stretches across the Bellamont River. No one has crossed the bridge in twenty years. Some people believe that gigantic werewolves with retractable claws and razor-sharp fangs live on the other side. Would you have the courage to cross the bridge?

On a warm August night, three teenagers, Jared Baker, Harold Prioleau, and Chase Avignone make a trip to the covered bridge. But only Harold and Chase return home. What happened to Jared? Chase Avignone is a high school football star with a secret. He’s bigger, faster, and stronger than everyone else on the field. Why? Is he taking steroids? Human growth hormone? Or is there some other reason why he’s such a beast on the gridiron?

When Jacksonville police detectives Logan Michaels and Cai Nguyen delve into Jared’s disappearance, their investigation leads them to Chase Avignone and his shocking secret. Are the werewolves of Jacksonville County real or are they just an urban legend? You’ll have to cross the bridge to find the truth. Read more about this best seller by Joel Eden ...

Writing a book is easy. Selling a book is hard.

Now you can learn how the publishing business really works from an industry insider. Adam Lee evaluates hundreds of queries every week as a Publishing Analyst for Lasaria Creative Publishing. He decides which manuscripts move on in the publishing process and which manuscripts are rejected.

In this honest and entertaining handbook for authors, Adam provides his unique insight into: Queries, Submissions, Literary Agents, Publishers, Contracts, The Publishing Process, Editing, Book Promotion, Fiction, Non-fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Short Stories, Poetry, and Self-publishing.

Adam will tell you what you should and should not do as you approach agents and publishers. You have to understand how the publishing industry operates and how to function as a professional writer if you want to be successful. Read more ...

Party at H2!

A few years ago, H2, an old townhouse in Blacksburg, Virginia was filled with musicians who moonlighted as Virginia Tech college students.

When they weren’t rehearsing, performing, recording or pretending to study, they threw some of the best parties around. The Halloween bashes were legendary. Now you can join the fun because there’s always a Party at H2.

Walking in the Rain is a rock single by Party at H2. It's available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Spotify, and many other online music stores. Read more ... 
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