Big White Panties

Big White Panties

by Dale Alderman

eBook and Paperback: 160 Pages

ISBN-10: 0981836747

ISBN-13: 978-09818367-44

Genre: Humor

A frightening development is sweeping the nation. Affecting the lives of millions of people, this travesty is eating away at the heart of our society. Rampaging through every community in our great country, this horrible epidemic must be stopped. Ladies, please, we are begging you. Just say no to big white panties.

In this hilarious collection of essays about relationships, Dale Alderman explores the different viewpoints men and women have about each other. Although he has been with his wife, Starla, for over twenty years, Dale freely admits that he knows absolutely nothing about women and he has the stories to prove it including:
  • Check Yes or No
  • You Will Love My Cat
  • With This Pre-nup I Thee Wed
  • My Eggs Are Rotting
  • Big White Panties
  • Nothing Says I Love You Like a Leaf Blower
  • The Thingy Is Going Ggguuurrrgggg
  • I Want My HGTV
  • What Is That Smell?
  • Ow, You Are On My Hair
  • Boys Do Not Tinkle
  • Why Do Men Scratch?

Ladies, if you have ever wondered what your man is really thinking, Dale will tell you. Guys, if your lady has ever left you confused and frustrated, you are not alone. Dale has been there, too. To strengthen your relationship, sit on the couch with your soul mate, share a nice box of wine, and laugh out loud at Big White Panties.

Available at, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and other major bookstores. eBook versions are available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iPad, and many other mobile readers.

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