Dale Alderman

Dale Alderman lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Starla, and two sons, Chase and Logan. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech in 1984 and received a Master’s Degree in Information Management from Marymount University in 1995.

For 19 years, he worked for large global corporations, and then he decided to get a real life and spend time with his family. An award-winning author, Dale has appeared on FOX & Friends on the FOX News Channel and has appeared on many nationally syndicated radio shows.

He is the author of Everyday Dad, a hilarious book about fatherhood, Big White Panties, a riotous book about relationships, and The MegaDog Tales, a middle grade adventure series about a cocker spaniel that becomes a superhero. In his spare time, Dale avoids the gym, feeds his addiction to chocolate, and coaches lacrosse. You can send an email to him at dalealderman@lasariacreative.com.


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