New Stuff from Dale Alderman

Can I See You in My Office?

Dale Alderman was a suit for twenty years. Based on actual events, Dale has assembled a collection of hilarious stories about life as a middle manager including, Middle Management 101, I am a People Person, Where r u, and The Rabid Fundraisers.

Clawing his way to upper middle management, Dale used a complicated mixture of hard work, common sense, education, perseverance, dumb luck, brown nosing, recycled PowerPoint presentations, lukewarm black coffee, gigantic blueberry muffins, and way too many frequent flyer miles to become relatively successful.

Dale is not a self-proclaimed business guru with seven habits that will make you a better manager or a strategy to help you organize your time. This book is a group of funny stories about real life around the office. Nothing more. But a large hunk of this material will probably be very familiar to you.

50 is the New Black

50. Holy crap.

Dale Alderman's 50th birthday snuck up on him and smacked him in the face with a wet squirrel. He never thought much about getting older until his back started going out more than he did.

Heck, Dale still has the mind of a fifteen-year-old and the body of a twenty-year-old. But he should probaby get the twenty-year-old body out of the freezer in his basement before the cops come snooping around.

Hopefully Dale will take enough fish oil, Ensure, Metamucil, and ginkgo biloba to have this book finished before his 60th birthday. 
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