The MegaDog Tales: Unleash the Power

A Juvenile Fiction Book by Dale Alderman

What would happen if a dog became a superhero? 

In this exciting middle-grade adventure, Joe is a run-of-the-puppy-mill cocker spaniel who dreams of being special but suffers from the curse of being average. He lives in the suburbs of Barksdale with his friends Elwood, a dopey mutt who looks like a genetic mishap, and Frank, a plump wiener dog. 

When the dogs devour heaping mounds of dog food that is laced with plutonium, their DNA evolves. Joe transforms into MegaDog, a superhero with a passion for funky music. Elwood mutates into Baywolf, a sleek, black wolf with a hip-hop attitude, and Frank becomes a gadget guru. 

In a palatial penthouse in the Crump Tower, Mr. Wrinkles, a power-hungry shar-pei, and his assistant, Pavlov, a mastiff with a drooling problem, create dog collars that contain mind-control devices. Inciting a canine revolution, Mr. Wrinkles wreaks havoc across the country. MegaDog and Baywolf must stop Mr. Wrinkles before he seizes control of the U.S. Government and the rest of the world.