Submission Guidelines


Lasaria Creative Publishing Submission Guidelines

  • You can submit your manuscript for review whether or not you are currently working with a literary agent.
  • We publish non-fiction and fiction material. 
  • Your work must be original. We process each manuscript through a sophisticated plagiarism checking software system to confirm its originality. No fan-fiction.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in a Microsoft Word file. No exceptions. If it is not in a Word file, we will not open it.
  • We do not publish poetry or children’s picture books. 
  • The work must be complete. We will not evaluate incomplete manuscripts.
  • Edit your manuscript. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are critical to your success.
  • We do not publish books based on proposals. Write the book, then we will look at it.
  • Don’t send us a link to your website. We won’t go there.
  • Be patient. We get hundreds of queries each week.
  • Be realistic. We only accept 1 out of every 400 manuscripts. 
  • Email your query and manuscript file to Include your name and a short synopsis (1 paragraph). If you send us a computer virus, we will hunt you down and beat you with a wet squid.