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Cry of the Wampus Cat

Two hundred years ago, Kasa, a young American-Indian woman, did not trust her husband. She suspected that while he was on hunting trips, he was seeing another woman.

One night, she decided to spy on her husband. Placing the hide of a mountain cat on her back for camouflage, she crept through the woods in search of the truth. She came upon a campfire and saw her husband making love to another woman. As pain, shock and jealousy raced through Kasa's body, the other woman sensed her presence. Chanting an ancient curse, the woman transformed Kasa into a wampus cat—half woman, half mountain cat.

Legends say that the children of Kasa still walk the hills of Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia, inflicting vengeance on cheating husbands. Is this just an old Appalachian myth? Or could it be true?

Due out in the Summer of 2012.

13 Bells

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, four college students take a tour of the famous Washington Cathedral located in the affluent Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.

During the tour, they learn of an old superstition that has been ignored for ages. Apparently, if you ring a church bell 13 times during the darkest of night, every gargoyle within the sound of the bells will come alive and wreak havoc until dawn.

What happens when the students test the superstition? Mischief, mayhem and murder.

Due out in the Spring of 2013.
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