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Welcome to Lasaria Creative Publishing

Based in Northern Virginia, we publish a wide selection of books from humor to horror. 

We are 100% author-owned, so we understand what it takes to bring a book to market. Utilizing a collection of publishing professionals from around the country, we strive to produce high-quality content at affordable prices. Feel free to browse through our catalog at your leisure. And if you'd like, drop us a line. 

Featured Author: Dale Alderman

Dale Alderman is a best-selling author from Northern Virginia. His humor books will make you laugh out loud! He graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and he received a master’s degree in Information Management from Marymount University. For nineteen years, he worked as a sales and marketing executive with major global corporations. 

Featured Author: Joel Eden

Joel Eden is an award-winning author from Northern Virginia. His exciting thrillers will make you sleep with the lights on! Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, Joel spent his early years as a television, radio, and stage performer. After spending what seemed like a lifetime buried in corporate America as a middle manager, Joel started writing full time in 2003. You can find more information about Joel at www.joeleden.com.

Books by Dale Alderman

Everyday Dad

Take a wild ride through fatherhood with Dale Alderman and his two young sons. You will laugh out loud as this goofball dad and his kinetic kids turn normal daily activities into hilarious escapades. Find out why Dale loves being an Everyday Dad.

Big White Panties

A frightening development is sweeping the nation. Affecting the lives of millions of people, this travesty is eating away at the heart of our society. This horrible epidemic must be stopped. Ladies, please, just say no to big white panties.  

Coach, I Gotta Pee

For twelve years, Dale Alderman coached a wide range of youth sports including; baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, track, and soccer. He has felt the testosterone-fueled rush of winning and the gut-wrenching torment of losing. 

The MegaDog Tales

What would happen if a dog became a superhero? In this exciting middle-grade adventure, Joe is a run-of-the-puppy-mill cocker spaniel who dreams of being special but suffers from the curse of being average.  

The MegaDog Tales 2

The funky canine crimefighters, MegaDog and Baywolf, are back in action. On the tropical island of OomPoppaMowMow, King Scooter, also known as The Regal Beagle, has a serious problem. A volcano, Mount Blowachunka, will soon erupt and destroy the island paradise.  

Coming Soon

Dale's 50th birthday snuck up on him and smacked him in the face with a wet squirrel. He never thought much about getting older until his knees started popping and cracking like a flight of creaky old stairs in a spooky haunted house. 

Books by Joel Eden

Lazarus Kaine

Let wicked images of unadulterated terror rip through your imagination as Joel Eden unleashes a creature that lives in the mind of every human being ... fear itself.  Some people say we create what we fear.


In the secluded mountains of Jacksonville County, Virginia, a covered bridge stretches across the Bellamont River. No one has crossed the bridge in twenty years. What do you think is on the other side?

The Seduction of India Monet

An affair is like an emotional ambush, and the consequences can be lethal. India Monet had no idea that within the span of a couple of days, her life would take a hard left turn into a hurricane of trouble.  

Cry of the Wampus Cat

Two hundred years ago, Kasa, a young Cherokee woman, did not trust her husband. She suspected that while he was supposed to be on hunting trips, he was seeing another woman. One night, she decided to spy on her husband.  

Next Girl

Ryan Spazmarek was a dork. He was not smart enough to be a nerd or weird enough to be a geek. A straight B student, he suffered through school with Spaz as his nickname. Shy and introverted, he had always been invisible to women.  

Coming Soon

Take a look at some of the ideas Joel is working on for his future projects. Some projects are more developed at this point in time, but all of these ideas will be published. 

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