Everyday Dad

Everyday Dad

By Dale Alderman

eBook and Paperback: 136 Pages

ISBN-10: 0981836704

ISBN-13: 978-09818367-06 

Genre: Humor

Take a wild ride through fatherhood with Dale Alderman and his two young sons, Chase and Logan. You’ll laugh out loud as this goofball dad and his kinetic kids turn normal daily activities into hilarious escapades. Based on actual events that occurred over his first twelve years as a father, Dale presents a collection of funny stories including:
  • Breast Pads and Nipple Cream
  • Honey, I Shrunk My Underpants
  • Don’t Hit Your Brother With a Stick
  • I’ll Have the Prime Rib With a Side Order of Valium
  • The Hooter Fairy
  • The Farmer Cuts the Cheese

Before he became a father, no one told Dale the stuff he really needed to know, like how to deal with a rampaging three-year-old at the circus, or how to corral two boys before they demolish a restaurant. From a Little League baseball game to a grade school field trip, he finds a wealth of humor in his real-world experiences. Come on along and let Dale show you how much he loves being an Everyday Dad. 


“A highly recommended, grade-A smile-inducing giftbook.” - Midwest Book Review.

“With a great writing style that gets to the point quickly and brings a smile to the face, “Everyday Dad” is very well done and highly recommended.” - Reader’s Preference Reviews.

“Much like David Sedaris, Alderman is a naturally gifted writer of comedy.” - Grady Harp, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer.
“This is the funniest book I've read in years.” - Dennis Littrell, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer.

“Anyone who can make the details of a vasectomy funny is a comical genius.” - Daniel Jolley, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer.
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