Lazarus Kaine


A Novel by Joel Eden

Let wicked images of unadulterated terror rip through your imagination as Joel Eden unleashes a creature that lives in the mind of every human being ... fear itself. 

Matt Curtis, a senior manager with a consulting company, is overwhelmed with self-doubt. His personal life is falling apart, and his job is like quicksand, threatening to swallow him at any moment. His ultimate fear is being alone and that fear has come to call in the form of a supernatural creature, a man made of shadows answering to the name Lazarus Kaine. 

On a mission to terrorize Curtis, Kaine removes one woman after another from Curtis's life through a series of brutal murders that leave police baffled and Curtis filled with grief, stricken with terror, and looking suspect. Curtis must decide whether he will let Kaine systematically dismantle his life and kill innocent women in the process, or muster the courage to wrestle his fear and use it to his advantage. 

Bizarre murders, intense sexual intrigue, and reckless psychological twists will make you sleep with the lights on. After you read this book, every time you see a shadow move, you will think about Lazarus Kaine. 

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